Friday, April 30, 2010

Rwanda Links

- An article explores the debate over teaching about the genocide in Rwanda’s schools.

- Postcard Junky’s farewell to Rwanda is well worth reading. Sad to see him go.

- Rwanda makes the pages of Time, Reuters/Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal (via en24heures to avoid the paywall). Also, a flim about Rwanda premiered at the Tribeca film festival, attended by President Kagame.

- My Name Is Not Muzungu is a cogent new blog out of Kigali, a good read despite the author’s inability to spell in Kinyarwanda (Nitwa is one word, meaning “I am called,” while ni twa would mean “s/he is Twa,” Twa being Rwanda’s pygmy group).

- The New Times says that expat favorite Bourbon coffee shop has plans to open a shop in Boston?!!!

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