Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fresh fish!

Last Thursday my counterpart, B., and I visited a few of the cooperatives I’ll be working with (more in a future post). We were in beautiful Nyamyumba, the sector to the south east of Gisenyi on Kivu, home to Rwanda’s beer factory and some incredible views of the lake and the clouds over the Congo.

We motoed up to a lake-side bar and B. asked about their menu. Next thing I knew, we were hopping back on the moto to travel 100 yards down the road where fishermen (abarobyi, “Ah-bah-robe-gee”) were bringing in their catch. After the requisite haggling (“the muzungu doesn’t have money”) we got 2 fish, which the woman promptly scaled, gutted, and strung up so I could dangle them off the side of the moto as B. drove us back to the restaurant.

(Please take a moment to laugh at my ridiculous Peace-Corps-issued moto helmet and the flattering chipmunk effect it produces. At least I was able to trade in the one with pink butterflies on it.)

Some time later, we were served the freshest fish I’ve ever tasted, perfect with a little lime and a side of fried potatoes.

A few other photos from my site visit are up on my Picasa.

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  1. Love the chipmunk cheeks! I'm really glad that you posted the pictures. The tie dye is beautiful! I think you're right that it would make great table cloths. Might have to get us a couple of those.


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