Saturday, April 3, 2010

The envelope please...Gisenyi!

I’m headed to Gisenyi for the next two years! I spent 4 days this week visiting my future home. My hosts were unbelievably kind and my future coworkers are wonderful. The work will be more along the lines of community and business development than health work: my primary project will be helping cooperatives develop capacity and find markets for their projects.

I’m still coming to terms with being an urban volunteer and mourning the loss of the extremely rural Peace Corps experience I so badly wanted. But, urban development issues are complex and interesting, I think I’ll have more work to do in an urban setting, and there are some great perks to Gisenyi (beach, fresh fish, hotels with internet and beach and hot showers I can “borrow,” a daily market with fabulous produce and fabric and shoes).


  1. How many other PCTs in Rwanda are scouting the markets for good places to buy shoes? Enjoy "Imelda"!

  2. Glad to know that your hosts and coworkers are kind and warm people. I imagine the urban setting there could be considered rural by US standards. I know you will make the best of the situation.


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