Friday, April 16, 2010

Rwanda links

- I dislike Kristof, but this is a guest post on Rwanda’s rapid development over the last 5 years. I'm certainly in the so-called "posh corps," which means that thanks to Rwanda's great progress I'll have running water and electricity (most of the time). The column discusses the progress and challenges towards meeting "Vision 2020" to make Rwanda middle income by the end of the decade.
- Related, the BBC did a video on supermarket shopping in Kigali. This and the other Rwanda videos linked on the page are probably worth a look, but I can’t access them with this internet connection.
- The opening paragraphs might feed too much into the “Africa is the land of rape and lions” trope, but the Globe and Mail published an interesting article on why Goma is the most dangerous city in the world (hint: the active volcanos). Goma lies just over the border from Gisenyi, least border security is good. Though I’m not sure border security is a match for lava, so keep your fingers crossed that Nyiragongo remains a nifty red glow in the nighttime sky.
- Congo Siasa sometimes covers Rwanda.
- I'm thankful Rwanda's cell network is better than Congo's.
- A photo gallery of Hutus who helped save Tutsis during the 1994 genocide. I can't properly load it, but you probably can. It's very important to recognize these heroes.
- The story of how a Rwandan football player's life was spared because of his fame. The role of sports in this world we live in is pretty ridiculous.
- If this new Kinyarwanda-English dictionary is actually well-organized and comprehensive, nishimiye cyane! (I'm very happy!)

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