Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rwanda links

- New beer in Rwanda? Can’t wait to try it!

- Rwandan mud hut photos taken by a French (not PC) volunteer. This is the kind of rural living I’d have liked, but alas Gisenyi is a city of over 100,000.

- Bizimana, who was Rwanda’s ambassador to the UN in 1994, was tracked down by a Washington Post reporter in a rare instance of what appears to be actual investigative journalism.

- The Irish Times writes that the Catholic Church should apologize for its role in the genocide. The article includes a concise summary of the Church’s bloody history, from encouraging ethnic tensions in colonial days to the active participation of clergy members in massacres that often took place on church property.

- The Times’s excellent photo blog has a slideshow about survivors, part of the press build up to the 16th anniversary of the genocide (commemoration begins tomorrow).

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