Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Rwanda links:

- The AP gave more western press attention to the volcano in my backyard. Last month park rangers finished clearing militias from Nyiragongo’s slopes, making it safe for tourists. The first thing on my to-do list after I finish Peace Corps and can go to Congo without losing my job: climbing Nyiragongo.

Sprawling across the floor of the volcano's steaming cone, the lava lake resembles a colossal pie crust, its blackened surface riddled with fiery red zigzagging fissures where magma is blazing through. Its power is evident in the nonstop roar accompanying it, a soundtrack akin to the perpetual rumble of a gargantuan waterfall.
The lake surface is in constant motion, shifting slowly, splitting, sinking, consuming itself, spewing lava in prodigious gurgling fountains — a real-life Hades that's hard to turn away from.
…. There are no guard rails at the summit.

 An article about gender based violence in Rwanda and the joint government/UN response.

- Rwanda’s 10-year tourism plan identifies Gisenyi as one of 7 priority destinations for development. 

General links:

- Hand Relief delivers some of the best development satire ever.

- As a U2 fan in the development field, Bono’s New York Times columns usually embarrass me, but his latest was pretty good and contained relatively few “Africa is a country” allusions: 

Howard French’s work on Africa is always interesting; this month he has a long but worthwhile article on China and Africa in The Atlantic. Its bottom line is, China is developing an extractive relationship, masquerading as a partnership, that is likely to enrich China while failing to contribute to meaningful or lasting development for Africans.

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  1. "There are no guard rails at the summit" and you left out the part where a Japanese tourist fell in and was killed a couple of years ago. Please don't tell me you are going until after you've already done it. There are some things it's just better if I don't know.


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