Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rwanda links

- Postcardjunky is perhaps my favorite regional blogger, and his latest satire is amazing as always. The last fictitious quote, “We are grateful for the gift of your blond nubile daughters and your bright-eyed sons willing to work for slave wages,” hits a little too close to home for this Peace Corps volunteer.
- A filmmaker documented the genocide-related trauma in Rwanda, and was interviewed on UN Radio. The film brought together people from both sides, and the interview discusses the liberation that comes with understanding that feelings of trauma are natural and shared. My development worker would like to apply some monitoring and evaluation to their claims, but at the very least it’s an interesting exercise in peace building and a local, low-cost mental health intervention.
- President Kagame gave a speech at West Point, where his son is a student. Anybody know the history of and rules governing foreign citizens attending West Point?
- A photojournal of Rwanda on a Wall Street Journal blog. 
- Kigaliwire links to a podcast describing the Murambi memorial, which I visited a few weeks ago. I can't access the audio, though.
- It’s true, Rwanda’s roads are in shockingly good condition. The paved roads here are probably a smoother ride than post-winter roads in Boston right now. No idea how the bridges measure up

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