Saturday, March 13, 2010

Butare national museum

The national museum houses some amazing artifacts from Rwanda’s history: an intricate traditional woven hut that is just too cool to describe, ingenious hunting traps, an amazing array of crafts, as well as photo exhibitions on the making things like of banana beer and pottery.

The pottery comes out perfectly round without the aid of a wheel, and fired in the ground by building a fire underneath the pots and covering them in burning leaves. Perhaps even more impressive are the baskets, ranging from small enough to store an item of jewelry to taller than me for backyard grain storage, most with intricately woven patterns. These are still used today. Curved woven panels with beautiful patterns were also made to divide rooms inside huts.

I ran out of time, so didn’t get to see the exhibits on musical instruments, sports, or religion. I’ll definitely be coming back with anybody who visits me, though!

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