Friday, March 12, 2010

Rwanda links

- A recent article about Rwanda's successful program in providing cash incentives to meet health care performance goals. I'll probably see this in action when I start work.
- Rwanda's daily has an article on the country’s need for more trauma counselors – there are 2000 in country, and estimates say 45,000 are needed. We’ve talked about Rwanda’s gap in mental health care during our tech sessions: although there is a much-lauded network of nurses and community health workers throughout the country spread down to the village level, mental health care is far less accessible. There are 40 districts in this country of 10 million; each has a hospital with a mental health nurse.
- Kigaliwire is a great Rwanda news aggregator. This week they collected links to a BBC series on Rwanda. Check it out if you have better internet access than I do.
- Kigaliwire also links to a radio program on Rwanda. I can’t access it at the moment, but it looks good.

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