Monday, March 15, 2010

Crowdsourcing: Who is this army dude?

Among the gratuitous American memorabilia at Jenny’s host family’s house is this picture. Does anyone know who it is? The button on his jacket says “Chief of Staff.”

Not that my blog has a big enough readership for this to really constitute crowdsourcing.


  1. Your readership may be bigger than you realize. After all, I bet that lots of other Rwanda PCVs and PCTs don't know that we're reading their blogs!

  2. The hat leads me to believe he is an admiral in the Navy.

  3. I looked at all of the pictures of the former Navy and Marines Chiefs of Staff (on Wikipedia -- I'm bored) and none of them are this guy. Also his hat insignia and wrist stripes look different from all of the Navy Chiefs of staff. This official portrait style w/the two flags began in the mid-'80s. I still have no idea who he is, though.

  4. I'm having my Navy friends look into the picture to see if we can get some bio information. This one star Admiral is an aviator though.


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