Saturday, June 5, 2010

Links - lots of them!

It’s been a while since I've had a chance to post Rwanda links, so there are quite a few here:

- Summaries of Rwanda’s goings on of late here and here.

- Photos of Rwanda’s green industries (hat tip to

- The NY Times on the lingering effects of ethnicity in Rwanda (it’s a good article, probably because it’s not by Gettleman).

- Hilarious – excerpts from Rwandan job applications.

- World’s smallest water lily found in Rwanda – may be marketed to the Japanese because “they like lilies and they like bonsai.” Anyone else want one?

- My friend and fellow PCV Jen on a recent workshop she attended. I attended its twin in Butare, although my site is far closer to Musanze (where Jen attended).

- My Name is Not Muzungu has a great post defending Rwanda against the negative international press attention it has recently received.

Via Texas in Africa, Rwanda coffee can now be found in the States. Buy some and think of me when you drink it. Rwandan coffee also made an appearance in the Atlantic last week.

- From My Name is Not Muzungu, a post about the efficacy of fair trade, taking Rwanda as an example. An interesting read.

- Forbes writes about Rwanda’s prospects for becoming a new convention hotspot in Africa – the city is clean and safe compared to its rivals, and multiple brand-name hotels (Radisson, Marriott) will be open by the time the Chinese-built convention center opens, allegedly in 2012.

- The new broadband cable I’m sometimes able to enjoy has led to an increase in spam coming from Rwanda and East Africa. Ha!

- So far one opposition party has been registered and chosen a candidate for the August election: Dr Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, a former health minister and deputy speaker of parliament.

And a humorous non-Rwanda link:
- Nigerian politician arrested by airport authorities with 4.5 pounds of cocaine in his stomach – he was planning to sell it to fund his reelection campaign!

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  1. For those in the Boston area who want to try to Rwandan coffee that Trude mentions, Haley House Cafe in Dudley Sq. has it. I think that I also saw some recently in Code 10 Cafe at the corner of Washington St. and East Concord in the South End.


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