Friday, June 18, 2010

"I use a condom": Popstar PSAs

These three billboards feature some of Rwanda’s biggest popstars, Liza demonstrating that no, you aren’t too large for a condom.

Nkoresha agakingirizo (Nho-ray-shah Ah-gah-chin-jeer-ee-zoh) means “I use a condom.” The print at the bottom says “It is my right to protect myself.”

That’s right, agakingirizo. Some might complain that it takes too long to put one on, but at six syllables, one might argue it takes too long to say.

I’ve had a lesson in viruses and protection this week: my boss’s infected computer nuked my flash drive. I didn’t lose any files (except a few blog posts I’ve rewriten) but the flash drive is not even recognized to attempt a reformat on PC or Mac. It’s an inconvenience for work and a big bummer because I was planning to fill that 8gb with movies and TV when I meet up with other PCVs in a few weeks.

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