Monday, August 9, 2010


Spotted, on the way to use the internet on July 27, a small rally of about 100 people for an opposition candidate. Couldn’t tell which one, but it wasn’t the RPF colors.

For a description of what it’s like to be at a political rally here, check out this blog entry.

I spotted another one on Aug 4 in Nyanza, this time with loud music, t-shirts, and maybe 200 people (I didn’t get too close). Kigaliwire attended an opposition rally and blogged about it.

Today was the actual election, and it was pretty quiet. Most offices were closed and the streets were relatively empty. I played a game while walking around town - “spot the polling station.” Each cell had its own, and Gisenyi has about 10 cells. There were stations at the mosque, the catholic church, the university campus, and a big high school. Voters were dressed in their Sunday best and lined up with their ID cards ready; according to news articles they use thumbprints to vote behind curtains and then drop the “anonymous” ballot in a ballot box.

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