Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ants in my Pants - again

Remember the scene in the Poisonwood Bible where ants swarm through the village, devouring food, chickens, small children, and everything else the fleeing Congolese villagers left behind? Fortunately, their Rwandan cousins are less vicious, or maybe just less numerous, but they still draw blood when they bite.

Today’s hike to the villages that surround the forest didn’t even bring me inside the forest LINK, just within a few meters, but the ants are still 2/2. My counterpart and I hiked for 6 hours, visiting several villages that abut the forest. He was checking on the type of crop they’re growing; last September there was tension because the chimps were crop raiding in fields of corn, so GACP is trying to convert these fields to potatoes. (They also might try to convert some to pastureland for cows; I suggested tea to be sold to the nearby Pfunda tea company.) For me it was a good opportunity to introduce myself to people in some of the other villages near Gishwati. 

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