Monday, July 12, 2010

Rubavu district: a map

This is painted on the district office. I thought it might be helpful to see some of the places I talk about - Nyundo, Nyakiliba, etc. To the northwest side is the Congolese border. To the south is Rutsiro district, where Gishwati lies, and to the east is Nyabiho and then Musanze, which you pass through before turning south towards Kigali.

Edited to add sector names, because the text is blurry: Clockwise from top purple is Bugeshi, Mudende in pink, Kanzenze, Nyakiliba in dark blue, Kanama bottom right, Nyundo, Nyamyumba, Rugerero in white, Gisenyi, Rubavu in yellow, Cyanzargwe, and Busasamana.

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