Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Impressions: 1000 hills is a pretty lowball estimate

- The hills are endless and gorgeous. There are countless shades of green: grass, trees, crops, the dark green shaded by clouds over a valley, the bright green illuminated by the sun.
- The clouds are intensely beautiful. The rain is intense.
- I’ve fallen for the architectural beauty of Vienna and Paris, but as far as capital cities go, Kigali is the most naturally beautiful of any I’ve seen.
- The smells are of fresh rain, wood burning, faint pollen.
- The carrots and (sorry Maine) potatoes are the most flavorful I’ve ever eaten.
- The paved roads, at least around Kigali and Nyanza, are in better shape than many roads in Boston.
- Every Rwandan I’ve met has been incredibly nice, especially Peace Corps staff.

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